Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I love my new job. Tonight, I got paid to hang out, eat Souvlaki at one of the best diners in the area, then go to the movies with a group of some of the coolest guys I know. After talking things over, we all decided to see Valkyrie.

Pause here, please, to read Robert Davis' brilliant review (easily one of the best pieces of film criticism all year) of Valkyrie:

Valkyrie: The 1,000 Faces of Tom Cruise

I went in with extremely low expectations. So, I was surprised when I found myself enjoying Valkyrie. I can't defend myself. I can't even think of any one positive thing to say about the movie that doesn't sound silly. I can only say that I had a good time "at the movies."

The over the top one man superhero Tom Cruise bit worked for me mostly because Cruise's character fails so totally in his mission. There was also a truly neat twist of tension to the story, knowing all along that the plan would fail, but not knowing how it would or what would happen to these losers.

I just enjoyed being paid to go to the movies.

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brandonmusa said...

I have the next two weeks off, recording an album, so i love my job too. I just got My Blueberry Nights in the mail and I'm really looking forward to it.
I'll certainly write about Reprise, Let the Right One In, Benjamin Button, and Shotgun Stories all of which could easily end up on my year end list.
I just watched some 1930s avante garde shorts while under the influence. It was pretty helpful in getting me in the mood to take them seriously. After all, abstract art is such a personal creation that it requires the consumer's full attention and respect. All I'm saying is that substances help. haha. Perhaps Three Times and The Flight of the Red Balloon deserve my most vulnerable state of mind.