Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chasing Children

On Sunday, I took Abby and the girls to see Disney's Earth. I had a mixed reaction to the film. All of the animal footage is great, but the way it is all tied together doesn't quite live up to the ambition evidenced in the movie's title. Even on the grand scale in which the film tries to operate, all we are seeing is a tiny, tiny fraction of this crazy mother-ship we call Earth. Despite my reservations about the film and not being much of an animal documentary fan to begin with, going to see Earth was one of my favorite trips to the theater this year because I got to bring my girls with me. I watched them watching at least as much as I watched the screen. Their reactions to so much natural wonder projected large in front of them was clear on their faces. It was beautiful, watching them enjoy something so obviously, reminding me why I love movie theaters and movies, that these places make me, too, become like a little child, wide open to wonder.

After the end credits, a woman came up to where we were seated and kneeled down next to me. She said something like this... "You don't know me. My name is Anne. I was talking to your wife before the film and telling her what a lovely family you have. Your girls are beautiful. Here, I want you to have this [she hands me a wad of money]. Take your girls out to see another movie sometime."

Thank you, Anne. We'll be seeing Up soon and we'll be thinking of you.

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