Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer is almost over.

Summer Hours is every bit as good as Brandon said it was. I'll only add that the ending, both in the museum and in the following house party, is absolutely perfect. The movie hit me a little harder than it might have done otherwise, considering that we are currently in the process of buying the house that Abigail's grandfather was born in. There have been particularly painful events occur and I'm only receiving this house because someone else was cheated out of it. It was good to watch the siblings of Summer Hours deal with one another gracefully despite tensions and major differences. Land may be worth fighting for, but family is worth sacrificing for.

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Summer People said...

yes john, a perfect ending indeed. I was nervous that things would carry on and spoil a film that I considered nearly perfect. I'm not ashamed that you haven't seen JAWS. I DO think that you'll love it however. It's solid.