Monday, January 25, 2010

Segmenting hate.

Lose yourself in the Christmas spirit with the rest of the suckers.

I just re-watched Blast of Silence.  Instead of gushing about how brilliant it is, I decided to practice my segmentation skills.  You'll find the results below.  Caution: spoilers. 

"Dividing a film into sequences in order to analyze its form is usually called segmentation.  It is usually not difficult to do, though most often we do it intuitively...  In segmenting any film, an outline format or a linear diagram may help you visualize formal relations (beginnings and endings, parallels, patterns of development, etc.)."
David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson, from Film Art: An Introduction  

Blast of Silence

Remembering out of the black silence you were born in pain
1. Train Tunnel/Birth Canal
2. Arrival in NYC
   a. Train Station
   b. Taxi
   c. Hotel
3. A Waiting Job
   a. Ferry Ride - The Contract
   b. Observing the Target's Routine
   c. Business With Ralphie
   d. The Target's Morning Rounds
   e. The Christmas Spirit
4. Alone at Dinner
   a. Face Out of the Past
   b. There Was a Girl
5. Christmas Eve Party
   a. Dancing With Lori
   b. Peanut Pushing Contest
   c. Dancing With Lori
6. Watching Target Leave Church
7. Lori's Apartment
   a. Meal/Conversation
   b. Rough Love
   c. Apologies 
8. Tailing the Target
   a. Shacked Up With a Dame
   b. Following Target and Dame
9. The Night Club
   a. Ralphie is There
   b. The Target's Birthday
   c. Bathroom Talk With Ralphie
   d. Torrid Town Montage
10. Eliminating Ralphie
   a. The Streets
   b. Murder at Ralphie's Apartment
   c. Hotel
   d. Reading the News
11. First Phone Call
   a. I Want Out
   b. Walking the Pier
12. Second Phone Call
   a. Lori is Busy
   b. Obtaining Gun on Pier
13. The Love Nest
   a. Outside
   b. Inside
   c. Above
14. Hotel
   a. Preparations
   b. An Orphanage
15. Lori's Apartment - Another Man
16. The Love Nest
   a. The Hit
   b. Escape
   c. Gun Disposal
17. Set-up
   a. Phone Call
   b. Drive
   c. On the Waterfront
18. Death/End Credits 
Back in the cold black silence


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