Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Conversations 2010 #9

Conversations 2010 #9

It was good to see Jim Emerson give a shoutout to Fr. Robert Barron recently.

Fr. Barron has been one of my favorite RC media personalities for a couple of years now.  My brother-in-law Peter introduced me to Barron back then and I've been enjoying Barron's work since.  His Word On Fire podcast is always worth listening to and his Youtube movie reviews are typically five times smarter and more detailed than the average syndicated newspaper review.  Barron wrestles with films because he loves them.  He may consider his movie reviews part of his ministry, but I don't think he's getting paid for them or putting them out for any reason other than sharing what he loves.    

I have no idea what is being released in 2010.  And I'm sort of happy that way.  I'm sure I'll follow Cannes coverage when it begins, but I haven't been paying attention to any other festivals and haven't yet seen any summer preview lists.  

Right now, Shutter Island is my favorite film of 2010, a spot that Adventureland held about a year ago.  

Shutter Island is also the ONLY 2010 release that I've seen so far.  

Nothing else released locally has looked even remotely interesting.  Art Mission, Cinemapolis, and Cornell are all still playing catch-up with 2009.  The multiplexes have been stocked with the usual filler garbage for this time of year and are also still milking late 2009 releases.

Like you, I'm excited about Tree of Life and Iron Man 2, but that's my entire list right now.  I might say "oh yeah" if you threw out some titles at me, but none are popping to mind while I'm writing this.  What are the big titles of 2010?  I'm most excited about True Grit, but I'm not sure if it will get a 2010 release.  I'm still not entirely convinced that Tree of Life will be out by November.  

Post your top 50.

Jason, I'll do my best to make that pilgrimage to you and the Dryden happen.  I've just got to find the right film/event and then talk Brandon into it.  Brandon?

Okay, it's confession time.

I bought a movie at the dollar store.

Flying Deuces (Sutherland)

I also returned to Hollywood Video in Ithaca.  DVDs are now 3 for $8.

Able Edwards (Robertson)
Junior Bonner (Peckinpah)
Baghead (Duplass Brothers)
Mutual Appreciation (Bujalski)
Automatons (McKenney)
The Wild Blue Yonder (Herzog)
The Most Terrible Time in My Life (Hayashi)
Time of the Wolf (Haneke)
Boxcar Bertha (Scorcese)
Heaven's Gate (Cimino)
Songs From the Second Floor (Andersson)
Eaten Alive (Hooper)     


82jp said...

I'm a sucker for Blockbuster's 4 for $20 and fell prey recently and thought I'd share my booty:

Bottle Rocket (are you a Wes Anderson fan at all? I know you liked Mr. Fox, but what about the rest?)

O'Horten (a Norwegian film I hadn't heard of but looks interesting. Scandinavian film in general fascinates me- Bergman notwithstanding :))

Christine- this needs no explanation, of course

Bubba Ho Tep- Which ranks among Campbell's best work, if not his best.

Anonymous said...

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Spike said...

I've posted my 50 Favorites:

Remember "Favorites" NOT "Greats."

Yes, the Sound of Music is on that list.