Tuesday, November 30, 2010


(the best thing about watching instantly on my iPod? Being able to easily capture screenshots like the above)

Ironically enough, immediately after posting my discontent with Netflix Watch Instantly, I read the Indiewire coverage of the Gotham Awards.... and saw that Asch had snagged "Breakthrough Director" for Holy Rollers.

I suddenly remembered seeing Holy Rollers available via Netflix Watch Instantly.

What did I do?

I immediately checked Netflix and started streaming the film via my iPod Netflix app. What do you know? No problems at all. No buffering. Some sections suffered from very poor video quality (weird pixelation), but I enjoyed seeing the film.

Holy Rollers is a good enough "rise and fall of an amateur gangster" life story with an Orthodox Jewish twist. I liked it. Jesse Eisenberg continues to be one of my favorite young actors. He is at least as good here as he is in The Social Network even if this isn't quite as ambitious a film as that one is. [To be clear, TSN is a much better film than this one is.]

And Netflix Watch Instantly? It's a great thing when it works. Like it did tonight. And I'm glad to have seen this interesting film that seems to have gone under most critical radar. BUT, still, the Netflix selection has a long, long, long, long waaay to go...

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