Thursday, December 8, 2011

Soft Boiled

"I also wonder if we are coming at this for the same reasons."

Alright, Brandon, I'll bite.

I love Cold Weather because:
- The characters and relationships and situations are developed skillfully in a way worthy of Rohmer (the Master as far as I'm concerned).
- The tone is playful, but never silly or stupid (Like Chesterton's angels, the film soars because it always takes itself lightly).
- The cinematography is gorgeous, pointing toward a glorious future of possibilities for low-budget digital filmmaking.
- The genre mash-up happenings are ten times more exciting than any straight-up genre film I've seen in years.
- As I've already written, the "genre conventions are filtered through personal and relational sensibilities" (in other words, this is a high-falutin' auteur picture in the best possible way).
- I relate to working in an ice factory.
- I'm inclined to love it simply because of the abundant inclusion of things I love: Carcasonne, detective stories, Swedish Fish, cheap pipes, plenty of slack.
- It features my favorite movie score since Moon.
- Like you, I was astonished by the way that the last 15 minutes or so plays out.

So, those are a few reasons why I love Cold Weather. Not at all an exhaustive list. Go back and read what I said about altars and gutters or whatever in the past.

Whenever I redo my 2010 list, Cold Weather will be there right at the top.

I'm really looking forward to Katz' western project.

Now, are YOUR reasons really all that different? Are you going to tell me that you loved Cold Weather because of the 3D severed penis floating in the water?

Now, I really want to watch Cold Weather again!

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