Saturday, March 17, 2012

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Cinefest 32 Day 3

Saturday means 35mm goodness at the Palace Theatre.

No Children (1928) started the day off right with its tale of parents trying to smuggle their children into a "no children allowed" hotel by passing them off as dummies! ***

The Janitor (1919) isn't really anarchic enough to live up to its premise of a Bolshevik secret society attempting to bomb the rival Doves of Peace. **

The Pest (1922) is a pleasant early Stan Laurel short. There's a really great moment in which Stan dons a dog costume to get past a guard dog only to be chased by the local dog catchers! ****

Their First Execution (1913) is good if a little obvious. The execution scene relies too heavily on a man making really goofy faces. Fortunately, the man makes really great goofy faces. ***

Get Your Man (1927) only survives in an incomplete print, but what survives is fantastic! It's completely obvious why Clara Bow was the top box office draw of her time. She radiates charm here and plays her role just right. ****

Mr. Fix-it (1918) proves that my interest in Clara Bow is purely academic ;) If Clara Bow radiates charm, then Douglas Fairbanks is a freakin' charm supernova! The man puts all other men to shame. ****

The films after lunch were each solid, but none of them reached the heights set by the above two dazzlers.

Hail the Woman (1921) crosses the "message movie" line in its preachiness at times, but it earns its emotions in the end. All I'll say is that my eyes weren't quite dry when all was said and done. ***

One a Minute (1921) is a lighthearted snake oil success story. ***

Once in a Lifetime (1932) is an interesting film in the tradition of Hollywood films about Hollywood. It's specifically an early satirical look at the transition from silence to sound. ****

I'm obviously not too motivated to write at length about any of these considering that you guys are probably mostly skimming these posts and will likely never see any of these films. If you do, I'm willing to talk.

I might eventually write more about Bow and Fairbanks, especially as I catch up on more of their films.

That's it. I returned home after the Palace screenings so I won't be seeing tonight's films or tomorrow's films.

I might have another post soon reflecting on the experience as a whole.

Right now, my eyes are tired.

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