Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Girls

Before I left for Niagara, I bought the new Animal Collective album, then I listened to it a lot while driving. It is the best album, without a doubt, that I'll hear all year. I've listened to it about a half a dozen times now and while that's still not enough to be able to proclaim it a masterpiece, I still think it is a masterpiece.

As Brandon pointed out before I realized it, "My Girls" will most likely be my anthem for the rest of the year.

Is it much that I feel I need
A solid soul and the blood I bleed
With a little girl, and by my spouse
I only want a proper house

I don't care for fancy things
Or to take part in a precious race
And children cry for the one who has
A real big heart and a father's grace

I don't mean to seem like I care about material things like a social status
I just want four walls and adobe slabs for my girls

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