Monday, February 9, 2009

Pushing Wood Bits Around.

I haven't watched a movie since The Wrestler on 1/31 (unless you want to count the one episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold that I watched at work on Feb. 3rd - "Terror on Dinosaur Island!" I thought it was good fun and was surprised by how well it worked. While Marvel is king of the live action superhero movie, DC has owned the animated side of things for something like 15 years now).

Why haven't I watched anything?

I needed a break from motion pictures after heavy viewing in January.

I spent the past 4 days doing very little besides playing games.

Yup, I was at Niagara Boardgaming Weekend. Read my report here:


So far, I've done really well at keeping to my commitment to writing a little something about everything that I watch this year..

Here are a few that fell through the cracks.

1 film. Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I had to go see this one for work. All I can say is that it's not quite as bad as most of the critics want it to be. The movie is basically a loser's fantasy that works out along the lines that I spoke of regarding Kit Kitteredge. Grown-up movies should offer more than this for grown-ups, but I suppose some grown-ups still need childish comforts.

3 episodes of Lost.
"Because You Left" - As good as a season premiere can get.
"The Lie" - Lots of Hurley goodness. This is why we all watch Lost.
"Jughead" - No-nonsense plot development with Desmond playing a key role away from the island.

Lost is as good as, if not better than, it has ever been. There have been good posts at The House Next Door. I can't do any better, so go there and read.


Jason said...

Yeah for LOST! This season is spectacular so far. You going to watch Dollhouse?

trawlerman said...

Yeah, I'll at least give Dollhouse a try. I'm not quite a Whedonite, but I do love Firefly and most of Buffy. I can live without Angel and I still haven't seen any Dr. Horrible.

Jason said...

I'm not at all interested in Angel. But I think you'd enjoy Dr. Horrible. That Neil Patrick Harris- ha ha ha!