Friday, February 26, 2010

Finishing February

Puss N' Toots is a pretty average Tom & Jerry short.  With its romantic competitions, it was fun to watch a couple of days after Valentine's day.

The girls and I started watching Popeye shorts.  We're all fans of the Segar Thimble Theatre/Popeye newspaper strip so I was hesitant to watch these, but I should have never doubted Fleischer studios.  Also, Segar gave his approval to these cartoons.  I grew up having seen a lot of these, but don't remember much except the theme and iconic spinach eating (which isn't in the strip!).

Let's Sing With Popeye is a fun follow the bouncy ball session to learn the theme song.

Little Swee' Pea made me cry.  Seriously.  Funny.  When the alligator starts rubbing Popeye's belly, I lost it.  At least I retained control of my bladder and bowels.  Popeye brings Swee' Pea to the zoo and plays rough with the animals, always a few steps away from runaway Swee' Pea.

Me Feelins Is Hurt sees Popeye mixing it up out on the range, exchanging his sailor cap for a saddle.

Me Musical Nephews is probably Mildred's favorite.  Popeye's nephews make a lot of noise while he's trying to sleep.  It ends in a nice "meta" moment in which Popeye takes himself "outside" of the frame.

The Old Spice "I'm on a horse" reveal is Abby's favorite moving image moment of the year so far.

Episode four of Lost is only decent.  I'm tired of the whole Shepherd without a flock business.  Like Sawyer, I'm ready to be done with it all.  But, of course, I'll keep watching.

Three Sheets is a discontinued TV show that my friend Mike recommended to me.  While I was on the Island in November, I grabbed some torrents.  Only now have I begun watching some episodes.  It's a lot of fun learning about international drinking habits.  

Labyrinth is Annie's favorite movie.  The girls watch Nausicaa and Labyrinth each about a half a dozen times a year.  They'd watch 'em once a week at least if I let them.  Usually, when I let the girls watch these, I'll sit with them for about 20-405 minutes, then do something else (or fall asleep).  The other night, I sat through all of Labyrinth.  Okay, I fell asleep at the end, but I later finished it in my own.  Not counting the Muppets, this is Jim Henson's greatest achievement.  I still love it.

Abby and I went out on a rare date and saw Crazy Heart.  It's good even if it is a little bit too much by-the-book.  It all works because everyone involved so obviously believes in the story being told.  But, what is Colin Farrell doing here?

I've watched Hour of the Wolf (Vargtimmen) and will write about it and a little more on Shutter Island soon.

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