Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Brandon's Project

I've made a quick and easy google site consolidating all of Brandon's 1940-1959 top ten lists published so far. It's nothing fancy, but it's a nice reference all in one place. I borrowed a huge tub of movies from him and have to get to work on watching them. If it accomplishes nothing else, this google site will at least help me prioritize my viewing without always having to search through Brandon's blog archives.


I haven't commented on any of your lists in a while, but I have to ask: What happened to Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 1941? Sturges and Walsh weren't the only directors making multiple great films that year. I haven't seen Hitchcock's Suspicion yet, but Mr. and Mrs. Smith is one of his best, an underrated comedy that doesn't seem to get enough love, which is why it was striking to me to see you not even mention it in your 1941 post. What's the deal?

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