Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's make a deal

Okay, Brandon, here's a proposition.

As you well know, your box o' movies overwhelmed me. How about we try again? This time with less options for me and a clearer viewing plan.

Your task?

Pick out two movies from each year, 1940-1959, and set them aside for me. That's 40 movies total. Or you can cheat and give me more from certain years and less from others. Screw it. You could just put together 10 movies from 4 years if you want. But 40 movies total. 100 I can't do. 40 is manageable. Send me a message when you've put this care package together and then I'll come to your place and pick it up.

My task?

As long as you've got the package ready before the end of February, I do hereby promise to have all 40 films watched by the end of this year.

Sound good?

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