Thursday, March 24, 2011

Malick's Tree

While it is quite possible that Tree of Life ends up being pushed back to a 2014 release, the news has been positive lately.

Someone on the Malick email group recently shared this link:

It sounds like ToL will definitely be playing Cannes, but probably out of competition. As far as a States-side release, we can only hope that the release date already given is relatively firm. Then we wait to see if it will hit Regal.


I haven't seen Hud.


I've got another post coming soon. Four Faces West and Decision at Sundown. McCrea vs. Scott. Who wins? Western fans do.

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Ben said...

If it is not playing here and is anywhere near Erie (I looked and there are a lot of theaters within 30 miles of there), I'll probably go down and stay with Mackenzie for a night to see it. You're welcome to come.