Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I just finished putting together an updated version of the simple site I made for Brandon's movie lists. He may not be pleased with me since I took away his honorable mentions (I'll probably put them back in a nicer format eventually), but I did make the desired changes to his lists based on his own revisions.

The big change that I made to the site is that I added my own lists in a parallel column on the right. As you'll see, they are pretty empty right now. As usual, I have to make up stupid rules for myself to follow. In this case, I'm only going to add a movie to the lists if I have seen it since this blog began and into the future. I've filled in the lists with most of what I can remember that I've seen since this all started. I didn't do an exhaustive search of my archives, but I think that I got most of them.

This obviously means that many of my favorite movies are not on my lists yet. Part of my reason for doing things this way is to force me to see them again and evaluate whether or not I think they still hold up and also just to give me a good excuse to re-watch some of my favorite movies. I don't expect my lists to be complete any time soon, but I will faithfully update the site each time I watch a movie from a given year. I'll put up a permanent link to it on my sidebar soon.

For now, you can find the site here:

John vs. Brandon

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