Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Last Black Exorcism Death

I recently caught up with Black Death, based on Ben's recommendation.

I liked it a lot. Ben's already given a good synopsis of the plot. Unfortunately, what's really worth talking about is the entire film in light of its ending. I don't want to spoil it for the rest of you.

I will say that I think that Black Death and The Last Exorcism are companion pieces and would make a great double feature. Both films explore similar subjects and similar themes. Both films roll around in ambiguity, providing viewers with lots of space to THINK. Both films become strange thrillers because of ideas first and action second, though both have bursts of extreme action.


BSG S1E1 delivers on the promise of the mini-series.

Movies tend to be idea or event oriented. TV, on the other hand, is at its best when it is character-driven. There are more ideas and events in the first episode of BSG than most movies, but it is the characters that keep us watching. After the mini-series and this first episode, I've already spent about 3h40m with these characters with many hours yet to go. It's not even that the characters are especially likeable (there's no Hurley here!), but that one can't help but start to feel invested in characters and relationships after spending so much time with them.

We do seem to be in a particularly good era for television. I haven't seen as much as others, but my personal recent favorites would include:
Breaking Bad, Buffy, Dexter (though I've only seen the first two seasons), Firefly, Lost, Monk, others I can't remember.

I haven't seen more than random, individual episodes of any HBO shows from the past decade. I had a really good time making fun of an episode of True Blood while with Ben in Erie. I've seen scattered episodes of the older Dr. Who series and the first two series of the recent reboot. I'll stop now. There's plenty of other shows that I haven't seen. I'm no expert.

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