Sunday, May 22, 2011

Poor in comparison

The problem with seeing a really great film like Meek's Cutoff is that it makes the crap you watch afterwards seem all the stinkier.

Like Brandon, I was disappointed in The Thief of Baghdad (1940). The girls liked it, so I can at least share that it works as a children's movie.

The American is also disappointing. It's another entry in a long line of "one last job" hit men movies. It does have a strong opening and a few nice touches with the priest. Overall, it offers nothing new and no particular reason why we should care about this man getting a new chance. Clooney does do a nice job looking tired of it all.


BSG S1E2 "Water" shares the central plot problem of Meek's Cutoff. We're lost with a vague direction of where we're going and we're desperately in need of water.

BSG S1E3 "Bastille Day" offers a nice little affirmation of the Rule of Law. The script is a bit too on the nose at times.

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