Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Answering questions:

I haven’t seen LANCELOT OF THE LAKE. Do you have it?

Nope. The Ithaca Public Library has a copy. I watched it a couple of years ago.

I’d really like to hear your opinion about CASINO ROYALE. I think you would love it.

Do you have it on DVD?

Am I the only person who likes A CHRISTMAS STORY in Film Club.

Maybe Jason?

We should have a GODFATHER II night soon.


What would be your second and third favorite Joe Dante films?

I just realized that I left Small Soldiers off of my “all seen by” list. I have seen Small Soldiers. All that time and work and it's still not perfect. Dang it. Second and Third places would go to Gremlins and Small Soldiers, in that order. It's been way too long since I've seen Matinee or Innerspace or The 'Burbs.

What are your thoughts on De Palma?

I don't think about him much. I haven't seen his early films that he's lauded for.

I kind of thought meh for a while in regards to Fellini but NIGHTS OF CABIRIA changed my mind for now.

Yeah, I need to give him a chance, if only because he worked with Rossellini on The Flowers of St. Francis.

Do you still have SHOCK CORRIDOR? How about THE NAKED KISS? You need to see RUN OF THE ARROW. I love that picture.

I've got Shock Corridor. I saw Naked Kiss on TCM way, way back when. Do you have Run of the Arrow?

Interesting Gilliam pick.

It's actually always been my favorite Gilliam film. I think it's his best. Definitely Robin Williams' best. Not Jeff Bridges' best, but only because he's so good in everything.

I need to see RAWHIDE.

I love Jack Elam in Rawhide.

You need to see DOWN BY LAW.

Yeah, it's funny that I haven't seen any of Jarmusch's “big” 80s movies. I fail miserably, but I get extra hipster cred for having seen Permanent Vacation and for having seen and loved Strangers in Paradise as just a wee lad.

I thought you hated ADAPTATION.

I do. I still respect it. And it's the best of what Jonze has done.

Do you have A FACE IN THE CROWD?

Yup. I'll start putting together a care package.

Get off your ass and sit down again to watch CERTIFIED COPY.

I know.


Nah, I don't really need to do anything except that I need to quit spending time responding and get work done around the house.

I need to see THRONE OF BLOOD again. It didn’t really do much for me but I was on a tight movie watching schedule.

I need to see it again, too. It's been a long while.

I agree about Landis, THREE AMIGOS is great.


I want you to see some of the Lean pictures that came before 57.

I want to see them.

I have been cold towards Ang Lee lately. Not only because you have been slowly talking me out of it but also because I have been bored on my second and third viewings. Something feels off.


I can’t wait for you to see more Lubitsch.


You a George Miller fan?

Nah. I wouldn't consider myself a fan, but I'm not hostile either. I grew up watching Max.

How is Polanski’s Macbeth?

I haven't seen it since I was a teenager. I liked it a lot back then.

HUGO is going to rule!


I would say meh to Stevens as well but have seen some great pictures as of late. Don’t give up yet dude. Go get VIVACIOUS LADY.

Alright, I won't give up, but he's not at all a priority either.

Truffaut pick…….. really?


Verhoeven makes good trash.

I hate Verhoeven. I was going to give him a big “MEH,” but I have fond memories of Total Recall.

Good list. Again sorry if it ruined your life.

Thanks. I'll begin repairing the ruins now.

Hey guys how about we have director’s months? Each month a different person in film club selects a director and we all do writings based on viewings and personal opinion. Jeff, you come up with December’s director.

So, Jeff, who's December's director?

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