Friday, May 11, 2012

Besides Damsels

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol turned out not to be my thing. It's a non-stop one-note high-intensity spectacle.

In Time is a pleasant surprise. It took its concept seriously and utterly literally all the way to the end. Time is money. Nothing special, but an enjoyable diversion.

I'm not sure how to unbiasedly approach Following. I wish that I hadn't known that Nolan had directed it. I could see in seed form here everything that I hate about his later movies. The man does "clever" and "twisty" like he's just dying to be congratulated. I'm just not convinced that there's all that much there once the smoke and mirrors have been removed. The premise of following people is interesting. Instead of delivering on the promise of this premise, we get something clever. Bleh.

Gremlins 2 has some really great moments, but the whole of it isn't as good as my memories of it.

That's it. Not much to get worked up about.

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