Thursday, July 5, 2012


I came close to my stupid June goal. I watched 28 films in 30 days. Now, I'm burnt out on movies and haven't seen a single one in July. It was probably all of that overindulging that gave me this cold.

Moonrise Kingdom will get its own post soon.

Like Jeff, I also watched Born Yesterday a little while ago. It's enjoyable, but I was distracted that day by interacting with Brandon on FB about Jeff, Who Lives at Home.

La BĂȘte Humaine and La Grande Illusion are both excellent. This was my first time searching the former. I love the train scenes and was happy to hear that Renoir and Gabin made the film as an excuse to play with trains.

Raiders of the Lost Ark holds up well after all these years. If you've never read Rosenbaum's review, you should:

Red State wins points for its consistent cynicism. It wasn't at all enjoyable to watch, except for a few "I can't believe he just went there" moments. If Smith makes a companion piece titled Blue State, I'll watch it.

Ministry of Fear is minor Lang, but it deserves a wider audience if only for the cake on the train scene.

The 'Burbs might be my favorite Dante film. It works as both a comedy and as a horror film, achieving laughs and scares and moments of stunned reflection that lesser films in either genre could only hope to imitate.

I'll try to write a Moonrise post by next week.

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