Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September already.

Conversational catch-up

Mostly written last week and finished today.

It's good to see you becoming more ruthless and handing out more 3-star ratings, but you've done so to some of my favorite movies. Ladykillers and You Were Never Lovelier might both get "essentials" posts some day. I am glad that you enjoyed Minnie & Moskowitz. Some days, I think that it's Cassavetes' best film. It's certainly one of my all-time favorites.

Did we talk about The X-Files? I recently bought (off of eBay) X-Files Season 1 and The Simpsons Season 1. These were both favorite shows of mine way back when. It's nice to revisit them.

I can't make it opening night (or anytime opening weekend) to The Master. :(

It was good to read your Brave thoughts. I took the whole family to see it again yesterday at the Cinema Saver.
It was nice to see all of those lists. I'm going to try to make it a priority to watch films from everyone else's lists in the next few months.

Like the rest of you bums, I've been behind on blogging.

House of Bamboo is worth a watch. It's one of the few truly hard-boiled Technicolor Noir films. It's also fine melodrama. This is the film Douglas Sirk might have made if he had tried his hand at crime pictures.

Big Deal on Madonna Street is no big deal, but it's plenty entertaining. I liked it.

I was happy that I watched Diary of a Country Priest mere hours before Jeff posted it as his #1. It's a worthy NĂºmero UNO, worthy of many re-watches.

Brandon and I are in agreement regarding Lawless. It's a mess.

I already wrote about V/H/S.

See CR5FC-FB for why I didn't like AGOT.

The Breaking Bad semi-finale was great.

I'm enjoying The Simpsons. The X-Files isn't grabbing me, but I'll keep slowly plowing through the first season. It's solid, just not great. Started watching Robin Hood with the girls again on Tuesdays after a long Summer of being busy. I fell asleep watching Labyrinth with them the other day.

I've got Internet access at home again. Maybe I'll get back to streaming now and then. I do at least want to finish The Big Combo. I watched the first twenty minutes several weeks ago and was very impressed.

I saw a girl wearing a shirt I liked in Wegmans. I sneakily took a picture. It would have been easier if I'd had Jeff's spy glasses.

Here's the picture:

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