Saturday, November 10, 2012

No No November

I'm not at all a fan of politics on the blogs, except when it is a natural expression of convictions while interacting with a specific film. Then, I love politics on the blogs. I agree that all of our prejudices and opinions, hidden or stated, are relevant to our film viewing. I've always been in favor of very personal criticism.

I'm here to talk about films. Talking about films is a political act. It is a moral act. I look forward to us disagreeing and discussing differences. But I always want the focus to be on the films. Like Jeff, this makes me happy. Adrienne ought to know that it took me a long time to accept her in film club because her film posts were scattered throughout a personal blog! Very upsetting.

I'm happy to talk politics or whatever. I just don't want to do it explicitly here. How 'bout that Twitter? :)

So, some brief comments on films.

I've stalled out on the Mehsters of Horror Mehrathon. I didn't even like the Dante film. It was bold, but I think it was also over-the-top and not-at-all-subtle in making its point. The film Chocolate is the worst in the series so far. Blech.

On a positive note...

I re-watched Safety Not Guaranteed. The problems that I had with it are still there and seem even worse, but the parts I loved seem even more outrageously lovely. With some reservations, I highly recommend this one. I'd be happy to get into spoilers on this one once more of you have seen it.

Parks & Recreation is a new favorite. I watched the very short Season 1 and enjoyed it. By all reports, it only gets better from here.

My excuse for infrequent posting is that I haven't watched much. I'm reporting it all right now. I've kept up a 100% success rate in writing (however briefly) about every single film I've watched in the past years since starting this. One of my biggest pet peeves of film club is that guys like Brandon and Jeff are watching five features a day and never writing about them. As Uncle Ben said, With great quantities of film viewing comes great responsibilities. You guys are totally shirking your responsibilities. I'm calling you out right now. Meet me in the streets at noon. I'll have my whaling harpoon ready.

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