Sunday, November 18, 2012

Soul Club

“I mean, abortion debates with John don’t seem that productive if one of us believes in souls and the other doesn’t.”

Hmm.. I’m not sure, based on that sentence, which one of us believes in souls and which one doesn’t. Even if I could tell, I’d still have no idea what that sentence above means.
What are you even talking about, Jeffrey?
That you don't believe in souls and that's why it's okay to kill babies? Because you don't have a soul or because the baby doesn't have a soul? I mostly want to know if it's okay to kill Chris because he doesn't have a soul? Is that what you're getting at? Or is it that I don't believe in souls and that's why I'd protect the life of the innocent soulless because I have sympathy with anything else that doesn't have a soul? Like rocks? That I don't have a soul and that's why I'd dare question anyone's "reproductive rights?" Or are you merely trying to say that we can't argue about anything unless we first settle this soul question? I tend to agree. Because if you're just a pile of meat and I'm just a pile of meat, then all we're doing is using our randomly produced chemically charged meat minds to flap our meat mouths at one another and why does it really matter anyhow? I've got other meat parts that I could be sticking in meat places. It's tough being sentient meat. Sometimes, I almost think I'm more than meat. Then, I think that meat doesn't think. I think.

That sentence of yours makes no sense to me.
Maybe I'm being deliberately thick, but I don't think so.

Also, the sentence was obviously partially there to bait me. I'm biting the bait and asking you, What are you talking about? And why did you even go there?

Also, for the record, I'd tear your freakin' arm off.

Also, for the record, I've always assumed that conversation is a good thing, on any subject. My objection to politics on the blogs has always been that our focus here is on moving images and only ever tangentially on anything else. I don't like responding to this crap here. I just can't resist responding to something that has my name attached to it. At least Brandon had the decency to rant while pretending that he wasn't ranting at anyone in Film Club.

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