Friday, March 15, 2013

Brando's Quiz

1. What is the most overrated film of the past 5 years and briefly explain why?

Everything by Nolan. I've made my feelings known already.

2. What are your favorite 3 favorite television shows currently running?

1. Breaking Bad
2. Parks & Recreation
3. The Colbert Report

Breaking Bad is the only TV show I'm current with. You all know I love this one. I've seen some recent episodes of P&R. Abby and I are currently working through the whole series. We're currently in the middle of Season 2. I find it to be consistently funny in its character-driven humor. I don't stay current with Colbert, but I do enjoy him from time to time. Watching him too much is a bit cultish and a bit bad for one's health, I think, in the same way that keeping up with the "real" news is. I respect his comedic chops, but I also sometimes weary of the never-ending mockery. I guess I'm really sick of so much out there being worthy of this level of satire. Even if so much deserves it, I think that the show's satire is not a good place to permanently reside.

3. Name one film and television show you are ashamed to admit to liking?

I'm not ashamed.

4. What do you look for in a film writer?

"But the greatest thing by far is to have a command of metaphor. This alone cannot be imparted by another; it is the mark of genius, for to make good metaphors implies an eye for resemblances." -Aristotle

5. Name a great director (in your opinion) who also has enough problems to make you wonder why you hold him/her in such high regard.

Harmony Korine. I'm convinced that JDB is a Masterpiece. I'm not convinced that Korine is a Master.

6. What is your favorite film era and why do you think this era speaks so much to you?

Right now is my favorite film era. Because it's the era I'm in.

7. Name your favorite five working film critics.

I don't know. I stopped reading current film criticism last year. I wasn't keeping up with the films so I lost interest in the news and criticism. The guys (sorry, no gals) I'd turn to often in the past were:

David Hudson (the greatest aggregator on the webs)
Matt Zoller Seitz
Jim Emerson
Glenn Kenny
Roger Ebert

8. Name your five least favorite.

I can't think of any. Armond White's name springs to mind, but I don't think that's fair because he's fun to read and he is a good critic when he's not focused on being negative.

9. Name a few directors whom you have liked in the past that you are worried about and briefly explain why.

I can't think of any off of the top of my head. I'm sure there are plenty, but I'm drawing a blank and this quiz ceases to be an amusing diversion the moment I have to do research.

10. What actor and actress would make you watch an otherwise uninteresting film?

I watched Total Recall because of Bryan Cranston. It wasn't worth it.

11. What director would make you watch a film with an otherwise uninteresting plot and why?

I have many favorite directors that I'll watch anything they do. The Coens are the first to spring to mind.

12. What film did you feel the most intimidated to like despite some heavy reservations (be honest here)?

I feel like The Master has intimidated me into liking it. Not the buzz or the critical reception. The massive hulking thereness of such a rough beast. The film itself. It's intimidating.

13. What is your favorite documentary?

Probably Collision, the recent doc I watched about Wilson and Hitchens. Lake of Fire is the only documentary that has ever made me cry to the point that my whole body was in convulsions.

14. Billy Wilder or Preston Sturges?

Sturges without a second thought.

15. Jean Gabin or Humphrey Bogart?


16. Director you want to like more than you honestly do.

Scorsese. This isn't quite true. I like Scorsese a lot. I could listen to him talk about film all day long and into next week. It's his movies that I can't quite connect with.

17. 5 most anticipated films of 2013?

I'd have to look this up. Maybe I'll make a separate list soon.

18. What is your least favorite current sub-genre or film scene?

I hate the rise of raunchy comedies.

19. Name your 5 favorite unheralded modern day directors in a critical sense.

I don't know. I wish that Aaron Katz was getting billion dollar budgets.

20. What top 5 or 10 list would you most likely do in the near future if offered by a handsome member of Film Club?

I don't know. I'm burned out on movies at the moment. I haven't really been thinking about film much and I definitely haven't been obsessing enough to be in list mode. These things come in waves, though, and I'm sure I'll be dying to make any ol' list sometime in the future. I've watched a few good movies recently and I've got a post already written that I'll put up later today. Adrienne's Amour post got me fired up about that film. Maybe if you sat me in front of an Amour/Killer Joe double feature, I'd be inspired to make a Top Ten Intensely Disliked by Me Well-Crafted Movies Rant List. Speaking of that, you're missing a question that would have let me rant about how Ang Lee's Hulk movie.

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