Sunday, November 15, 2009

Benjamin Button Still Sucks

Quote: It's true that the two of us share a lot of the same tastes in film and it seems that whenever we do disagree it rattles you more than me.

Response: Nah, I wouldn't say that it rattles me. It doesn't even really bother me.  I actually think that it is really fun when we have disagreements.  I enjoy making little friendly jabs as I know you do.  I do think that you misunderstood part of my post, but I'm more than willing to take the blame for being unclear.  

My post was more me wondering out loud about the things that make us all unique even when we share commonalities.  Despite the uneven tone of my post, I think that these differences are a good thing and allow us to see things more clearly, not less.

Quote: I'm not surprised that you hated this film but I am surprised by statements like “I have to grapple with my respect for you as a person and specifically for your opinion regarding movies.” I don’t even know how to respond to something like this except to hope that this was written with heavy sarcasm.

Response: Yikes.  Here is one of the limitations of quickly blogging.   I do apologize if there was any insult there.  I actually meant quite the opposite.  I wasn't saying that I have to grapple with whether or not I'm going to continue to respect you and I definitely was not tossing out any moral condemnation.  Au contraire!!  

To be clear (which I obviously wasn't before), what I meant was:  I do respect your opinion.  Therefore, based on this respect, I can't dismiss your tastes in regards to something I don't like.  I need to "grapple" or wrestle with your way of seeing.  I need to be honest and reevaluate whether or not there is/was something wrong or incomplete with my own opinion of a specific film because I know with certainty that I can learn something from you.  I'm missing something in the film if I don't learn to see it in the way that you are seeing it.  I may still disagree and that's cool, but through disagreement I learn something.  

Quote: When we write about film here we are not making an argument for right or wrong but for our personal tastes and I had thought that we were not going to make attacks on each others' character. When you make a statement like the one I quoted above you make it sound like I robbed an old woman rather than simply expressing my love for a film.

Response: Again, yikes!  I do hope my clarification makes sense and has made things better.  I have nothing but praise and respect for you, my friend. Even if you are wrong about Benjamin Button (insert smiley face here to indicate good will). :)


Storm and Stress said...

don't listen to me. I deleted my post soon after realizing that i was probably being to sensitive. I figured you were being sarcastic and i apologize for the post.

no love lost my friend.

Alfred Brown said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but you need to see this if you haven't already.