Friday, December 17, 2010

Bill Murray is coming to game night.

Nah, he's probably not coming.

I have to pass on the remakes list. I just haven't seen enough good ones.

Worst Criterion titles?

In my experience, I haven't come across any bad ones. I can always appreciate at least some aspect of any of the films they choose.

I suppose that I'm least on board with some of their more recent American picks like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Royal Tanenbaums, but even so... I still respect these films even if I don't like them.

The only Criterion release that I really hate is Z, but even that film can be excused for its political importance in the context of the time and place in which it was made and released. It's easy for me to dismiss it decades later, but maybe a little unfair.

Have you really come across any true stinkers? If so, I either haven't seen them or we must really disagree about something.

I haven't been watching much lately. I watched the first half an hour of 6 Guns, a Western from this year, then gave up on it. It is that bad. Much worse than Jonah Hex. At least Jonah Hex had a great cast doing interesting things and a story and visual style that tried doing something new.

Neil Marshall's Centurion is interesting and a lot better than I thought it would be. I might write something soon about 2010 as the year of the 'B' movie aesthetic.

That's all I've watched recently. 1929 is still waiting.

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