Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's all good.


I just don't feel the need to defend myself. With the exception of To Catch a Thief, I am a huge fan of each film on my list. I ranked them in the order in which I'd like to re-watch them. The order in which I am most fond of them at this moment. It's long been known that I appreciate Mr. and Mrs. Smith more than you do. Maybe, though, we haven't hashed out our Suspicion differences. Suspicion is a masterfully uncomfortable film, subverting RomCom expectations with a startlingly suspenseful genre mash-up. I don't understand what's not to like. Defend yourself, back at you, you rotten scoundrel. As you acknowledge, I thoroughly love all of those other films. What's your beef? That I prefer early Hitch to later Hitch? They're all good. You know this. Quit your whining.

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