Thursday, April 5, 2012

On Rating Films

Jeff, I doubt that your standards are lower. I do think that it's possible that you haven't defined your system well enough.

My ratings scale is pretty simple and totally subjective.
* Hated It
** Didn't Like It
*** Liked It
**** Really Liked It
***** Loved It

More specifically...
* Never Want to See It Again
** Could Be Convinced to Give This Another Chance
*** Enjoyed This Thoroughly, But No Rush to See It Ever Again
**** A Favorite. I'd Like to Revisit This Often
***** A Masterpiece That I Don't Want to Live Without. I Regret That I Don't Re-watch This Often

* is for dreck and special offenders
** is for all those Midnights in Paris out there.
*** is a respectable rating. It's my seal of approval. Recommended.
**** means that I Highly Recommend this film
***** means Essential. These movies are my core collection of necessary titles. Narrow Margin. Roman Holiday. I don't want to spoil future "essentials" posts, but you can bet that Tarkovsky will show up eventually. Those films that have somehow changed the way I view the world or expressed an idea that I cherish in such a perfect way. I'm unlikely to rate a film this high the first time I see it, but it's possible. Love in the Afternoon might be *****, but I need to watch it again. Recent ***** movies would be Cold Weather, Meek's Cutoff, The Mill and the Cross, Take Shelter, and True Grit. Five ***** films is a lot in two years. I'd place each of these against the very best of the past.

I just think that you have to distinguish between films you may be enthusiastic about now (my ****) and your real ultimate favorites (my *****). Otherwise, maybe you need a ****** category.

It's a nice, slow day at work today.

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