Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Addicted to Mehdiocrity

Roy Colt and Winchester Jack was an entertaining romp from start to finish. It dragged at times, especially when it was indulging in long broad comedy setpieces. Still, it's rare that comic Westerns do as much right as this one does. It's no Destry or Paleface, but it definitely deserves a place as their little brother.

Dark City irritated me. I blame most of this on Sutherland's breathy performance (which can probably be blamed on the direction), but I also thought that the sf premise was lame and any serious philosophical explorations of memory and/or identity are brushed aside in favor of fight scenes and special effects. I remember liking this one back when it came out. It doesn't hold up so well.

Mehbe it's just me. Mehbe this grump slump of mine will never end.

Coming soon, either later today or tomorrow: some horror talk.

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