Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stop the Mehdness

Eastwood's Honkeytonk Man is a dud. As a showcase for a catchy tune, it succeeds. Otherwise, it's a fantasy-comedy about a time and a place that never existed, in which brothels are the best place for a boy and there's not much better under the sun than a chronically drunk uncle schooling you in life.

Return of the Jedi was a childhood favorite of mine. Watching it now, as a grumpy old man, I was pleasantly distracted by it, but I'll also feel just fine ignoring it for another decade before I come back to it again.

Bernie is a strange film. It might be the most daring comedy experiment of the year. It's a good fit for what 2012 has been for me so far. I respect it tons and had a good time watching it, but I don't really love it. I'm going to re-read whatever Brandon wrote about it. Maybe I'll write more about it.

I haven't yet gone back to finish the Bava Western.

I also haven't get watched any Horror films at all this month.

TV Club

Thursday night, I thought that I was going to go to sleep early. I laid down at about 7:59 and, in a rare move, decided to see what was on broadcast TV. I was right on time for NBC's Thursday Night Must See TV.

30 Rock leaned so far left that I had to prop my television up with Russell Kirk books to keep it from toppling over on its left side. I would have been able to forgive this "liberal bias" if the jokes had been funny, but not many of them were.

Up All Night surprised me simply by not being nearly as bad as I'd thought it would be. Parts of it were downright sweet.

The Office was a bit of a letdown, but only because I've watched most of the entire show's run and this was only a serviceable episode, not a great one.

Parks and Recreation is the big winner for me. I'm a converted fan. I may even go back and watch all of the previous seasons. The balance of serious emotion and clever gags/jokes is pretty perfect, reminiscent of the best of The Office and even the best of what The Simpsons once was. I know Chris is a fan. Anyone else?

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