Saturday, January 12, 2013

More Reasons Why I'm Not Reading Infinite Jest

Early Tuesday morning, I watched New Jerusalem, a film which I may write more about. I sent Factory 25 an email asking about a DVD release. I haven't heard back yet. I don't want to buy a "digital download." I could maybe think about doing that if it didn't mean DRM download. New Jerusalem is a quiet character study of two friends slinging tires and talking weariness. I liked it a lot.

Tuesday afternoon, I went upstairs to take a nap with Zeke. I got distracted by boxes that needed sorting and furniture that needed moving. I watched Total Recall and Ruby Sparks while sorting and moving, so half-distractedly. Total Recall is a disappointment only because it's such a generic action movie; built on really strong and interesting ideas that never get any more than minor lip service. The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was a much better Total Recall re-make. Ruby Sparks also starts with a fantastic idea and it even runs wild with it for about 10-20 minutes. Then, it settles down into a tame "learning the lessons of life and love with other real people" lecture. Bleh.

Finally, this morning. The Loneliest Planet.

Now I know that Brandon and Ben have jumped off the jagged edge of crappy indie mountain together. What a piece of crap. Long stretches of landscape with a terrible score serve to highlight why no one would ever want to visit this place. Sorry, Georgie.

Two uninteresting people do uninteresting things with a third uninteresting guide. They walk for a long ways. Then, IT happens. Local farmers show up! Things change. In a quiet way, of course. The intrusion of (the threat of) violence, its reactions, and how it brings all else into focus is an interesting idea. I guess the way that it plays out is all too obvious. Of course, the gal starts gravitating toward the alpha male that acts strong (in a quiet way, of course, because this is a quiet movie). Of course, something else happens (another little burst of quiet violence) that once again illustrates the puppy's inability to protect his bitch while the alpha dog rushes in. This was all done much better in Appaloosa, which had better gunfights in it, too. :)

I'm not interested in this side of world-traveling. What is the purpose of this trip? And why is it such a grim trip? After the opening with the children, where is the joyous eating together? Where is the focus on Georgian cheese and beer? Where are the Georgian bookstores? Who wants to go to Georgia anyways? But if you did (which you wouldn't), then why go out in the middle of nowhere with a complete stranger? This movie is really about people who have flown halfway around the world in a giant magical flying transportation machine in order to hike through random rocky hills? Things can't end well for crazies like that. At least they get to hear a moderately funny Chinese castration joke.

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