Saturday, August 20, 2011

1...2...3...6 Whiskies!!!! This man's kidneys have exploded.

I figure I owe Chris a Simpsons post. Here goes...

Bart the Mother is sometimes sweet, sometimes sour. I liked the bird-eating lizards.

The Treehouse or Horror episode was a disappointment, even if the Itchy and Scratchy part was fun. Toupees aren't scary, though that first story might be the most solid of the three. Jerry Springer is always stupid- never funny.

When You Dish Upon a Star is about as interesting as celebrity's private lives.

I hate the '60s and distrust adults who idolize the '60s as a Golden Age. I'm not sure if it was because of this or in spite of this that I enjoyed D'oh-in in the Wind so much.

Lisa Gets an "A" has so many great moments. Mostly the toothpick lunches rings true. I can't count how many times, up in Buffalo especially, our meals were served on toothpicks. Good times and good eats.

Homer Simpson in "Kidney Trouble" is my favorite episode so far. Part of it is the WestWorld fun. Part of it is just the nice one-liner jokes like "Don't harvest me with your eyes." The entire episode is fun.

Here's how I would rank the (8) episodes I've seen so far (with the obvious caveat that I could change this order at any time in the future):

Season 10, so far....

1. Homer Simpson in "Kidney Trouble"
2. Lisa Gets an "A"
3. The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
4. D'oh-in in the Wind
5. Bart the Mother
6. Lard of the Dance
7. Treehouse of Horror IX
8. When You Dish Upon a Star

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