Sunday, August 14, 2011

Malick-a-thon @ Cornell

Terrence Malick: The Works

Do I smell an upcoming Film Club event that you cretins might actually get out of bed for? I only wish that they had planned a couple of Malick double feature nights instead of spreading them out like they did. I'd be much, much more likely to make the drive out to Ithaca if I could see Badlands and Days of Heaven together instead of Badlands and Bridesmaids and Days of Heaven and Conan O'Brien Can't Stop.

There are a lot of other good movies playing besides the Malick series. Brandon's been hounding me to see Vertigo for a long time and I've had his DVD for a long time now. Maybe I'll get out to see it at Cornell. I'm definitely interested in the Dracula/Bellflower double feature on Oct. 3rd.

Check out the full schedule:

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