Thursday, August 11, 2011

I cancelled Netflix on August 7th.

I haven't watched a single movie in close to two weeks.

Are these signs of the end of film club? Has Jeff's near-suicide forced me to re-evaluate my film-blogging ways? Have I been secretly working on a detailed frame-by-frame analysis of Gibson's Passion? Am I just burned out after two months of excessive film clubbing? Did the Tree of Life literally blow my mind? Or did Cowboys and Aliens fulfill every genre trope from two genres that I love so dearly that I no longer need to ever see another film again?

I'm not sure.

At least there's always TV Club to fall back on.

I've watched a little bit of TV. What follows is a boring list with some brief commentary.

I've watched two episodes of Breaking Bad and re-watched parts of the first two episodes.

Thirty-Eight Snub is my favorite episode of the season so far, probably for the gun buying scene alone. Is Chris the only other clubber up to date on Breaking Bad? I enjoyed how this last episode, Bullet Points, ended. As Chris has noted, Jesse's not likely to die, but I do think that the tension is real. What's amazing about this last episode's ending is that the tension is slow, relaxed, and sad; magnificently opposite of what most popular action films/shows have conditioned us to expect. Okay, one last thing about Breaking Bad- the moment when Jesse asks Walt if he wants to ride Go-Karts is tops.

I've tried watching a couple episodes of The Simpsons, but I either get distracted or I fall asleep.

I've watched a couple of episodes of The Colbert Report. Colbert continues to run the best Circus in the country.

Besides the above, I've watched The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast of James Stewart. It's definitely worth watching. Lots of laughs and a great moment of sincerity from Orson Welles.

You can find a torrent here:
Or you can watch the whole thing posted on Youtube starting here:

The Youtube version has an overall better video quality than the torrent does, so I'd recommend just watching it that way.

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