Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm not mehd at Brandon, but I take a few cheap shots at him below for good mehsure.

I've been foolishly trying to watch 30 movies in 30 days of June. So far, I'm 21/23.

I'm going to keep this short. I wrote more than my recent usual about Jeff Who Lives at Home and it only got me grief.

Meh. Here goes...

Ponyo holds up. Three of four times in, I still laugh at each ham joke.

A Run for Your Money was painful to get through and I admit that I didn't pay attention very well. Ealing comedies are hit or miss with me. I tend to either really love 'em or really hate 'em.

Cabin Fever had a couple of decent laughs, but no great scares. I was yawning as the gal shaved the bloody scabs off her legs. Bleh.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home. Y'all know how I feel about this one. I watched it twice.

Carnage is fine. I saw a performance of Reza's Art way back in 2000. I liked it at the time. Carnage, though, felt a little too mean and a little too staged.

Ninotchka is delightful. I'm going to show it to all my Marxist friends and convince them of the glories of us dirty capitalist pigs.

Pauline at the Beach is good, but not great Rohmer. It felt like a lazy Shakespeare comedy. I mean that as a compliment, because maybe only Rohmer could pull it off, but I still mean it as a bit of a backhanded one.

The Wind might be the first silent film I ever loved. I think I saw it before even Birth of a Nation and before any Chaplin and Keaton. The story is fairly lame, but the mood/atmosphere is intense. The special effects are great and Gish is fantastic.

The Descendants trailer is better than The Descendants feature. It hits all the major plot points without all the padding. That said, I mostly liked The Descendants.

Snow White and the Huntsman had some great moments. At its best, it was almost at John Carter levels of Restoration of Wonder. It lost me in the end. The final siege/battle/confrontation almost put me to sleep. Besides failing to thrill, it seemed very rushed, making the resolution (what there was) unsatisfying.

I may or may not write something a bit longer about Moonrise Kingdom. I'm going to give it another day.

Finally, I'll fight a little bit.

What was Brandon's stupidest complaint about Jeff, Who Lives at Home?

"I haven't seen enough films about white morons getting themselves into trouble so this scratched that itch"

This describes most U.S. comedies (and dramas and nearly every other genre) from the "Golden Age" to today. If Brandon is really so upset by white morons getting into trouble, then he better just give me his Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein DVD right now.

Or maybe Brandon only means that there have been enough films about white morons and he doesn't want to see any more. From now on, he only wants to see films about black morons and red morons and yellow morons and green morons.

Or maybe he wants to see more stories about white morons who aren't in trouble.

Or maybe he wants to see movies about smart white people who don't have any problems.

I just don't know.

As for the zooms, I get it. If they irritate you, they irritate you.

They're gimmicky shots like that Renoir punk and that deep focus crap or something like that.

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