Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jeff's hug.

"I've been hearing people vouch for him for a long time, but mostly in terms of taunting me into trying to stomach and handle him."

Those people don't love JDB. I'm just saying. They giggle at Gummo. They don't care about JDB. I saw JDB at the cinema three times in one week when it opened while I was living in London. Not once did I think I was some masochist macho man. I felt broken and weak and JDB gave me a bit of crooked hope. I've seen it at least a half a dozen times since.

I think that Korine has gained a reputation among scumbags that he doesn't deserve (or at least only partially deserves). I haven't had to deal with the "fans" that you've had to deal with, but I'm certain that they are idiots.

I'm not a fan of Kids. I half-like Gummo (but I haven't seen it since it came out). I unreservedly love Julien Donkey-Boy. I respect Mister Lonely and really love parts of it (I watched it three times). I haven't seen Trash Humpers yet. I don't like Korine's music videos. I'm looking forward to all of his future projects.

Brandon is dead wrong about Korine.

I'd be glad to loan you JDB.

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