Friday, February 8, 2013

"An effort of imagination for the study of real objects."

Dang it. I'm behind again.

Here are some lame Letterboxd "reviews" to catch up. Now I know how dirty Jason feels when he takes a Flixster dump.

Blonde Ice 1948 ★★★

Watched Jan 19, 2013
A B- noir in every way. Second rate actors. Everything occurs in a few limited indoor locations. A hokey script with a really bad psychoanalytic ending.
But there are also charms. Most notably, Leslie Brooks. She makes it easy to believe that all of the men around her are completely powerless in her presence.
Besides the final act, the film is convincing (and a lot of fun) in its portrayal of a woman with ice in her veins. This is the worst sort of femme fatale, the kind who will do all the dirty work herself, then pin it on you in the end with nothing pointing toward her.

Compliance 2012 ★★

Watched Jan 20, 2013
I remain non-compliant.

2 or 3 Things I Know About Her 1967 ★★★★

Watched Jan 21, 2013
I'm waffling on whether or not I really like this one and how much, if so. It's unquestionably an ambitious film. Maybe Godard's best. What do I know?

Moonrise Kingdom 2012 ★★★★

Rewatched Jan 21, 2013
I'm also still troubled by the adolescent sexuality. I imagine Anderson directing the young boy to feel the young girl's chest and I can't come to any reason at all why that is justified.
But, I can't argue with the power of the film. This is definitely Anderson's best film yet.

21 Days 1940 ★★★

Watched Jan 25, 2013
There's a lot to like here, but it doesn't all hang together like it should.

A Colt is My Passport 1967 ★★★★

Watched Jan 26, 2013
A fantastic mash-up of Western/SpaghettiWestern/Gangster/Yakuza/Noir/Hitman/SNAFU/BuddyBadGuy film styles and substances. With a lovely score.

Tears on the Lion’s Mane 1962 ★★★

Watched Jan 27, 2013
Japan's On the Waterfront? There are a few great moments (a thrown dog, a rockabilly outburst) and a few tender moments, but the film dragged for much of its not-all-that-long running time.

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