Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Brandon is Psychopath #8

"but like you guys I found it funny and entertaining. I don’t know when or why but there was a point in which these two pivotal attributes got tossed aside in FC."

This is just silly, Brandon. How have these "two pivotal attributes" been "tossed aside"?

I'm the one who championed John Carter. I've been itching to re-watch it recently. It will rank high on my 2012 list. I'm the dude who ranked Rise of the Planet of the Apes higher than Tree of Life. I think that Do-Deca-Pentathlon is "funny and entertaining" enough to forgive some very annoying visual tics. Besides those, though, I also found Godard's 2 or 3 Things to be both funny and entertaining. I've also been itching to re-watch that one.

You're just annoyed that Jeff and I don't find 7 Psychopaths to be as funny and entertaining as you do. I thought it was fun. I never thought it was great fun. I never laughed riotously and didn't smile through the whole film like you did. I just didn't connect with the material like you did.

Unrelated, I really enjoyed watching the documentary Side by Side. It's a great survey of the different perspectives involved in the film vs. digital conversation. There is just enough technical detail balanced with the right amount of talking heads. It'd be a five-star film if it didn't have an annoying score. Lucas and Nolan are also both annoying, but this is balanced out by good content from Scorsese and Lynch and cinematographers whose names I can't remember. Finally, what the heck is Gerwig doing in this? I guess it's a young actor's perspective (from someone who started in an all digital environment), but her presence seemed odd amidst all of the directors/cinematographers.

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