Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm going to bed.

But I just saw Chris's post.

You know what's funny? I almost put "The Day the Violence Died" at the top of my list. I like that episode a lot. It was hard comparing episodes. Especially when I watched the first two discs almost immediately after you gave them to me, then I watched the last two discs in the past week or so. I'll still stand behind my list generally, but the individual episodes may get shuffled around a lot if I go back and revisit the season. And I'm thinking about revisiting the season right away instead of moving on to another season. I'm rambling. I'm going to bed.

I'll put up some Cold Weather ideas soon. Hopefully, Ben will also jump to the film's defense.

Luckily for you, Drive and Cold Weather were never in contention. Cold Weather is definitely 2010. Drive is definitely 2011. Different years. Different lists. Ain't arbitrary geek distinctions grand? Still, I definitely prefer Cold Weather to Drive.

I'm going to bed.

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Chris said...

Yeah, the best way to rank these is to watch as many in a row as possible. Sometimes Jeff and I will go a week or so inbetween episodes and it'll throw most of my list off.

Anyways, great to see your rankings. Hopefully we can get a discussion going soon; there aren't too many differences, so I don't expect any fisticuffs. And damn, I was so close on that prediction, ha.

Cold Weather was okay. Let's see what you and Ben have got - I don't mind being proven wrong...but calling it "merely good" feels so right.