Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Making teenagers depressed is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Responding to Chris.

Simpsons list should be up tomorrow. Only one episode left to watch.

Jane Eyre's haunted house bits were a nice surprise. I haven't read the book. All of the actors are fine, but so what?

I do hope that you write some more about Meek's Cutoff, then read our ramblings, then write some more. I'm hoping to catch it again on DVD at some point.

Rope has always been my favorite Hitchcock film. There have been times in the past when I've answered "Rope" to that most difficult of all questions, "what is your favorite movie?" Without a doubt, it is a film that I unreservedly adore.

I wish I knew more about Dall. I think that I've only ever seen him in Rope and Gun Crazy. Definitely a great performance in both of those. Stewart's small part in Rope is also great. Have I mentioned before how much I love Stewart? The man must have been fearless. He was America's beloved small town boy, but he never shrunk from a villainous or morally ambiguous role.

Wings of Desire is another favorite of mine. While Rope is a serious Top Ten Desert Island Pick, Wings of Desire would be in the broader Top 50 or Top 100. Wings of Desire was one of the first "art" films that I ever watched. Besides helping to open up film to me, it created a lifelong love for Peter Falk. I'd go on to love Falk for Columbo and for his Cassavetes collaborations, but I loved him here first.

I'll probably break down and see Attack the Block on the small screen. I do want to see The Mill and the Cross pretty bad, though; it's one of the few films around that I'm really anxious to see.

I regret being so far behind on Dexter. I'd like to join the Season 6 talk. Same with Boardwalk Empire. I still have to watch all of Walking Dead Season 1. I've got Bored to Death Season 1 to watch. I guess I'll have some time now that I'm not obsessing about Breaking Bad each week.

Oh, Breaking Bad!

I'm off now to watch an episode of Robin Hood with the girls, then, after that, oh then, then the season finale one more time!

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