Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No relief.

I was really pleased with the way that BSG Season 3 ended. The trial was a bit silly, but also great in the way that television show trials can be. The music in the walls (the half-heard raga that became Dylan/Hendrix) and the way that the characters shared in the words to a culturally iconic 20th Century Earth song. This could have been a big mistake and just a laughable moment and I'm sure that some people responded that way. I loved it.

I watched The Dreamers this afternoon. I hated it. Maybe that's not a surprise to you guys. Maybe it is. I hated it within the first half an hour and none of the crap in the middle or end changed my mind. The way that it made 1:1 correspondences to films, the way that it referenced films, was stupid. I love one sentence especially in Hoberman's review of the film: "Encrusted with classic rock (which, whatever its provenance, sounds like the work of tribute bands) and larded with film clips, The Dreamers at times suggests an inept Forrest Gump:" What a great comparison! And that's how I felt about the film, like it was Forrest Gump, trying really hard to skim the surface and hit all of the right points, hoping to give the audience a contact high since it doesn't have any real depth of its own to satisfy. Jason, Ben, and Brandon are all wrong about this one.

I'm gonna need a palate cleanser tonight.

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The Communal Time Machine said...

I'm one of those people who found it to be a laughable moment. What made it go from "Oh, that's silly" to "This is the worst moment in the series", though was how the characters were quoting the lyrics along with the music. I mean I get it; it's in their head, they're all programmed machines, that's fine. Just an artistic disagreement, I suppose. Glad to hear you made it through the whole cast being in an internment camp without getting completely depressed.