Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wrote this yesterday.

Not much viewing lately. Except for BSG. Almost done with Season 3. It's been enjoyable, but I've lost a little interest.

The Thing From Another World at Brandon's place last night. That was pretty great. I have a newfound respect for the vegetarians in our group. Keep up the good fight.

Before last night, I hadn't watched a feature since I Confess at BCF on the 8th. I Confess is one of my favorite Hitchcock films. The "tightening of the noose" in it is really splendid. There really seems to be no way out. Add to that the delicious irony that our protagonist could clear his own name at any moment, if he'll only betray his convictions, and you've got a sublime little thriller. I really love Hitch's late 40s "transitional" films before he became an auteur superstar. [Edit: I Confess is '53. I really just meant all of the Hollywood films from Foreign Correspondent in '40 to Dial M For Murder in '54.]

I tried watching Operation Petticoat and The Titfield Thunderbolt. I gave up on each one after about twenty minutes. I might like Thunderbolt under different circumstances. I was sick and cranky and it seemed to be a pale shadow of the sort of "community matters" comedies that Ealing Studios had already done so well in Whiskey Galore! and Passport to Pimlico (probably my favorite Ealing comedy, even over Ladykillers). I should give Thunderbolt another chance. Operation Petticoat, though, is rubbish and gets no more chances.

On to chitchat...


Dr. Lisa,

Meet Joe Black makes me think of my maternal grandmother. She had a thing for Brad Pitt at the time it came out. And for Dean Cain, too. I can't see a picture of Dean Cain without thinking of my grandmother.

I'm burnt out on superhero movies. Green Lantern is one of the few I want to see. Sorry that you were disappointed. I'm afraid that I will be, too.

It's a sad day when the only thing my inner comic book nerd has to be excited about is Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. Incredible Hulk fans have been long-suffering. At least we got Bixby/Ferigno in the 80s. While far from perfect, it was better than most.

I have no interest in Crazy Stupid Love or Midnight in Paris. Wait. What? I already saw Midnight in Paris. I guess I'm feeling nostalgic for a time in my life when I hadn't yet been stained by my disgust for the film.

Midnight in Paris is continuing a crazy stupid long run at Cinemapolis. About 5 months. I'm taking bets right now. Will Midnight still be playing when Take Shelter opens on Nov. 11th?



I love Back to the Future Part III. I love the whole series. If I was out walking the streets of Paris after Midnight, I'd hope to be transported back to the future.

The third film is essentially the first two films all over again, this time in a western/steampunk setting. This was released when westerns were supposed to be dead and steampunk was still far away from being the cool trend that it is today.

Part III was so far behind the times that it was way ahead of them.

According to the prophet Huey Lewis, "It's hip to be square."

You're right that I don't care for the Duplass bros.

I'm really just having fun with the whole mumblecore thing. It is fair to say that I'm not a "mumblecore fan." I just don't want that statement to be taken as a blanket statement that I don't find anything of worth there. I obviously do like some of what's happening. Certain films like Cold Weather and Beeswax deserve to be championed.


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