Monday, January 2, 2012

CR5FC: 2011 in Review

Twenty Eleven was the best year in film club history.

Three new members!

Lots of smack talk!

The satisfaction of throwing Lisa in the gorges!

Let's start by reviewing # of posts....

John: 247
Brandon: 221
Jeff: 162
Ben/Chris: 109
Jason: 74
Lisa: 73

I'm only on the top this year because Brandon was away on tour for so long.

Jeff made a strong showing despite getting a late start. Chris and Ben aren't really tied considering that Chris posted the same as Ben in less time. Jason and Lisa? Again, Jason definitely had the time advantage here. I'm willing to give Lisa a +2 PhD handicap to boost her above Jason, revealing him as the slacker he is. Not enough time? I don't think so. It's priorities. After he's done playing with his Star Wars minis and reading through Wednesday's new stacks of comics, he's too exhausted to spend much time chatting film.

The grand total? 886 posts in 2011. That's an average of 2.4 posts a day! And that's pretty awesome.

In general, CR5FC seemed to stress growth and community this year. Film club live events have been grand.

In addition to lots of love, there have been a few great fracases this past year. Lost in Translation. Dogtooth. Midnight in Paris. The Passion of the Christ. Tree of Life. Drive. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Now, on to individual contributions.

Ben: Ben's insistence on Black Death was an inspiration to me. Not only did I love that movie, I was inspired to plead my own nearly hopeless causes later in the year. I wasn't afraid to repeat praises of Cold Weather ad infinitum because Ben had opened up the path with his championing of an unlikely choice.

Chris: Chris, more than anyone else, encouraged me to do more TV talking here, and for that I'm grateful. His Simpsons encouragement was a welcome relief to me. There's no doubt that certain Simpsons episodes I watched this year brought me much more joy than the large majority of 2011 film releases that I watched did. It was also great to have a bit of BB interaction this year. I only wish I could keep up with Dexter and Twilight Zone and too many others.

Jeff: Jeff brought lists back into fashion around here. It's not that they were ever uncool, but things had slowed down a bit. Jeff got us started on revisiting the aughts and, more importantly, he got us looking back at the 30s. Also, as mentioned above, Jeff is the #1 non-founder poster around here. Not only does he step up to the plate often; he's got one hell of a swing and always brings his 'A' game.

Lisa: Lisa's best achievement is just sticking around. I'm not talking about staying in the car with "buzzed driver" Brandon and a bunch of strangers she just met. Nor am I referencing holding her own in a no-holds-barred ToL cage match. I'm talking about sticking around and posting at all while struggling with mind-numbing academic work. More posts in 2012, please.

Jason: Jason didn't disappear quite as often this year. Faithful blogging is good blogging. Also, Jason won on the FB front. I resisted for a long time, but finally was convinced. FB groups are what did it for me and are the main reason that I'm now a FB Freak. Jason was right all along. All apologies.

Brandon: What can I say? The king of film club. Let's keep him from touring in 2012 so that we don't have any Brandon post famines in the New Year. Brandon's best film club moment this year was probably when he was ready to intervene to stop Jeff from killing himself in an intense moment of despair related to a film club argument. Of course he had to take Jeff seriously. Brandon knew too well that intense despair based on all of those moments in which my cruel, thoughtless posts have driven him to the edge of the abyss.

I might come back and single out my favorite posts from each of you, but there's a general overview.

2011 out.

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