Monday, January 19, 2009

My First Independent Film.

In high school, I participated in a lot of amateur (read: bad, so bad they're brilliantly good) film production with my friends, from school projects (a bawdy adaptation of the Decameron) to favors for friends (a driver's ed. morality play) to messing around with stop motion and little plastic ninjas under Nick's direction. I was nowhere near the star that Parthe was and is, but I made my contributions.

This here below is my first attempt to do anything by myself. Those glorious collaborative days are over, but I now have a house full of little girls that love camera attention. Maybe I'll keep messing around.

Tonight, Abigail asked me to take pictures of her feeding Piper. After performing my documentary function, I threw the camera switch on video and started recording the girls jumping around. I had fun. Here's the result:


trawlerman said...

I've been messing around with Windows Media Maker for the last couple of hours and there are already a bunch of things I would have done differently to make this better. Oh well. It's been posted as is. There goes my chance at the Sundance jury prize.

fred said...

I'm honored.