Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 - the next 5 months (February-June)

My mother gave me a Regal gift card for Christmas! How am I going to spend it? Let's look at the next half a year.

First of all, Peter Weir's The Way Back should have gotten a wide release in December. Instead, it's getting a puny limited release at the end of this month. I'll definitely be seeing this one if it opens locally.

February looks like a wasteland. I couldn't find a single film opening that I'm interested in. Things do start looking better in March.

Here are ten films coming up that I'm excited about:

3/4 Rango (Verbinski, 2011)
I like Verbinski and the trailer made me smile.

3/11 Jane Eyre (Fukunaga, 2011)
The cast looks good here and I'm intrigued that the director of Sin Nombre is doing Jane Eyre.

3/18 Paul (Mottola, 2011)
After Adventureland, I'm a total Mottola fan. I'm really optimistic about this one.

3/25 Win Win (McCarthy, 2011)
The Visitor was quite good and maybe even underrated and under-noticed. I'll check out anything McCarthy does.

4/1 Source Code (Jones, 2011)
I love Moon. I'm really skeptical toward Source Code. Based on the trailer, I'd skip this one. Based on Jones directing, I'd be a fool to skip it.

4/8 Your Highness (Green, 2011)
Is David Gordon Green stuck in a stoner rut?

5/6 Thor (Branagh, 2011)
Looks awful, but Branagh's directing.

5/20 On Stranger Tides (Marshall, 2011)
I've liked all three previous films. I'm especially excited for this one because Tim Powers will finally get all of the Hollywood wealth he deserves.

5/27 The Tree of Life (Malick, 2011)
Obviously. The only question is: will this play anywhere close to Binghamton? I'm hoping that it will show at Regal.

6/17 Green Lantern (Campbell, 2011)
Martin Campbell is directing this? I'm there.

So, in the end it's quite clear that I'm a flaming auteurist and get excited about directors. You should too. The next few months look like they might offer just enough good films to keep me satisfied through the typical slow months of nothing but garbage playing locally.

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