Saturday, January 29, 2011

Favor Request

Jason and Ben,

Could you guys do me a favor?

Go to the settings page for your blog.
Click on "email & mobile"
Add my email address (johnowentrout_at_gmail_dot_com) in the box that reads "BlogSend Address"
Click on "save settings"

Thanks! It's really a minor matter of convenience to me (I check my email multiple times a day; I check my rss reader a lot less often), but I'd appreciate it if you'd do this.

Siesta is Mexican for clambake! (I just finished watching Mexican Hayride) :)
Clambake is American for awesome!

I'll try to have a real post up later today.

Brandon: Lou Costello is brilliant.
Ben: You are obviously afraid to defend Lost in Translation.
Jason: I enjoyed your Cake post. I'm not familiar enough with any of their music to interact with what you say. You did make me want to check out their discography.

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