Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brandon and Juno sitting in a tree

"I suppose that your sister forced you to listen to Dummy back in 94."

I tracked down every rare Portishead single and proudly wore a red shirt advertising Glory Box. Seriously. My hipster credentials are solid.

"As for the adultery I think you are missing the point commander and chief. They are certainly on the brink of adultery and if I recall correctly they do kiss at the end. Other than that smooch the only extramarital activity happening in this picture is friendship bordering on infatuation."

All of the activity depicted is extramarital activity. The relationship is clearly one of a blossoming emotional adultery. The Murray character commits physical adultery with the nightclub singer, but it's pretty clear that she's a cheap substitute for what his heart really desires. Then, there is the kiss (kisses, actually) that you mention.

"Murray’s character does a bad thing and our fair Scarlett calls him out on it."

Wait, what? No.

"They lay in bed and touch feet and hands briefly. I think those scenes are brilliant. It’s obvious that the two love other and in a perfect world they would have a miserable marriage together."

Those scenes are brilliant in a sense and there is a while where you wonder if this is a paternal/filial relationship, but it becomes clear that the relationship is supposed to be some sort of "soul mates" crossing in the night bullshit.

"The problem with Johansson’ character is her lack of empowerment."


"Coppola is fixated on the idea of fame=loneliness and from her perspective it seems that she has found her perfect imaginary friend in Bill Murray. Hell, I wish he was my imaginary friend."

You should talk to Ben about this. The two of them have been imaginary friends for years now.

"The word hipster, though I get really annoyed when I hear it, probably works best when describing her films. I don’t understand your line of thought here John. So by using Just Like Honey to end a movie is a hipster move and therefore a bad thing?"

I deliberately try to recover the word in a non-pejorative sense and then you interpret me as saying that hipster equals bad?

I thought that the use of Just Like Honey was a smart and effective choice that perfectly captured the mood and idea that Coppola was trying to communicate. The choice is also perfect evidence of hipsterism.

"Your soundtrack issues are inconsistent brother."

If I haven't yet been clear enough, hear me now: JUST LIKE HONEY IS THE PERFECT SONG FOR THAT MOMENT IN LOST IN TRANSLATION!!!

If I wanted to criticize that moment, it would only be to say that the "mood and idea" that I think Coppola is going for works as an affirmation of the emotional adultery at the center of the film, which is something that I find dangerous and distasteful to put it mildly.

My soundtrack record is absolutely flawless.

"Jason I hated JUNO because hipster. Hipster, hipster, hipster. Moldy Peaches. Hipster. Snarky. Hipster. Cool clothes. Hipster. Pro Life. Hipster. Pro Choice. Hipster. Boring. Hipster. Nerd dude from The Office. Hipster. Diablo Cody. Hipster. Yellow headband. Hipster. Pregnancy. Hipster."

I mostly liked Juno. :)

"Don't let that adorable picture of me and dog fool you. I ain’t soft boys. I’m hard!"

You and your dog look a lot like Johansson's ass.

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