Saturday, January 15, 2011

Best of 2010

There is a ton of good stuff in your 2010 evaluation that I should respond to.

For now, I offer my...

Top Ten Cinematic Moments of 2010

10) The A-Team.
The flying tank. (I shouldn't love this as much as I do)

9) The Killer Inside Me.
Slipping in a puddle of urine. (the film is a perverted comedy. I mean, why else cast Alba and smash her face in? Disgusting and immoral, but effective nonetheless)

8) Repo Men.
The ridiculous erotic surgery climax. (only because of what comes next)

7) Edge of Darkness.
Grief immediately after a daughter's violent death. (because it worked for me)

6) Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then.
The angry rant. (nearly unintelligible and absolutely devastating)

5) The Last Exorcism.
The last few moments. (just watch it and disagree with me!)

4) The Book of Eli.
The KFC moist towelette bath. (also the best use of an Al Green song in the history of cinema?)

3) Shutter Island.
Max Von Sydow asking, "Do you believe in God?" (best "meta" moment of the year)

2) True Grit.
Cogburn placing a cross over the serpent's bite. (the powerful visual metaphor is so brief here that it could easily be missed or dismissed, but it's there and the Coens placed it there, so there. T-H-E-R-E)

1) Toy Story 3.
The incinerator scene. (I'm almost blubbering like a baby just thinking about it now)

If I was forced to make a Top Ten based only on what I've seen so far...

10) The Last Exorcism
9) Edge of Darkness
8) The Book of Eli
7) Exit Through the Gift Shop
6) Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then
5) Winter's Bone
4) Toy Story 3
3) Shutter Island
2) The Oath
1) True Grit

I love #1. I need to re-watch #2. I know I'm in a small minority, but I do believe that #3 is Scorcese's best. #4 is pretty perfect, but necessarily relies on emotions built on two other films. #5 is a good enough reason for Indie love-fests like Sundance to exist. I regret that I may never see #6 ever again. I don't care what Brandon says about #7. #'s 8, 9, and 10 represent the greatness exhibited in 'B' movies this year. These are three (techinically four) directors (Campbell, Hughes Brothers, and Stamm) who are doing some of the best studio work of the moment. Blessings upon everything these men shall set their hands to.

Outstanding CR5 movie club achievements...

In general: The Inception fracas was a lot of fun.
Brandon: His enormously ambitious 40s-50s project
Jason: His quest for critical self-awareness
Ben: His willingness to jump right in late in the game.
For example, December's post totals:
Ben - 24 (the clear winner)
Brandon - 21 (always prolific)
John - 20 (a good month)
Jason - 3 (pathetic, just pathetic) :)

That's enough reckoning for now. Enjoy.

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