Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Foot to mouth

"Yes Bill does get called out. She is jealous and disappointed in him. She is going to him for marital advice and he is cheating on his wife with some cheap lounge singer. He is in the doghouse for a solid day. Come on man!"

"She is jealous" is key here. She's not angry that he's cheating on his wife. As irrational as it is, she's angry that he's cheating on her.

If you go on tour for a week, spend most of your time hanging out with a chick and spend a night sleeping next to each other (but you only hold her foot!); you're telling me that Tara would be okay with that? Or, similarly, you'd be cool with some dude holding your wife's foot? We're in serious Pulp Fiction space here, but, hey, it's a snow day.

I can't argue more because I'm watching this crappy movie True Stories that Jason is making me watch.

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