Friday, April 1, 2011

I can't get behind that.

I checked out the AFI 100 Years... 100 Movies 10th Anniversary list to prepare for Brandon's assignment.

Here are ten films widely considered to be great that I just "can't get behind."

1) Raging Bull
Scorcese, in general, impresses me more than he satisfies.

2) The Graduate
Never seduced me. Turns me right off. Read Tim Hunter's analysis.

3) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
I need to give this another chance. The only time I ever watched it was right after reading the novel.

4) Dr. Strangelove
I'm supposed to love this, right? I don't. Also, to disappoint you all, I'm not a Kubrick fan. I prefer Asphalt Jungle to The Killing. Solaris to 2001. And so on. Kubrick's films are anti-life. There, I said it.

5) The Sound of Music

6) The Fellowship of the Ring
Jackson can't direct. The adaptation is okay, but the thing is slapped together like a bad TV Western (which isn't a bad thing unless your movie is being lauded by all sorts of serious-minded people like this one was)

7) M*A*S*H
Just mean-spirited.

8) Jaws
Sorry, Brandon.

9) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
I am actually coming around on this one. I'll let y'all know where it stands if I re-watch it.

10) The Sixth Sense
Shyamalan has (rightly) come under attack in the past few years, but his debut film was received with open arms and heapings of critical praise. I've never liked it and only slowly came around to Shyamalan after Unbreakable.

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